Do you like to move it (move it)? Then it’s time you met Pivot, our most active leaning seat yet. The Pivot Seat is a minimalist task seat with serious ergo-sensibilities.

Unlike most chairs that feebly acquiesce as your posture deteriorates into a sluggish slump, the Pivot Seat keeps you active.

The Pivot Seat’s weighted base is built with active stability, so it responds to every move you make. The seat’s Rubber Octogrip Overmold provides just enough friction so you have full freedom of motion. It encourages you to twist, turn, swivel and even pivot with ease.

Pivot’s sleek seat is positioned forward, so that you find your natural equilibrium, engaging your core and mastering perfect posture. What’s more, Pivot easily lifts and lowers, empowering you to take a range of healthy postures from active sitting to leaning.

The Pivot Seat is playfully designed. It isn’t concerned with expectations. In fact, it flat out rejects most notions of what a seat “should” be. Instead, it was created to work with you, so you can bring more play to your day. Imagine what you can do when you Pivot while you work.


  • The weighted base leverages your centre of gravity to support various degrees of use, so you can rock (and not roll).
  • Rubber Octogrip Overmold enables you to enjoy a full range of motion while maintaining control.
  • Pivoting seat leg empowers you to move 360 degrees.
  • Seat pan is cantilevered forward to promote the optimal open hip angle.
  • Easy-adjust piston-release handles to lift and lower the seat, encouraging a range of postures from active sitting to leaning.
  • Tri-Flex Seat Cushion has built-in sitz bone contours for plush support and a waterfall edge to reduce pressure on the upper legs and promote healthy circulation.


Height 63,5 – 89 cm
Width Ø 34 cm
Weight 15 kg


We’d bet you’ve never had a chair that moves quite like the Pivot.

Not only does the Pivot let you spin 360° like the traditional rolling chair, you can also use it in a range of postures – from active sitting, all the way up to a full upright lean.

Setting up your Pivot is simple enough, and you’ll soon be moving and grooving all day long. What’s the key to success? Be open to changing your posture every once in a while – there’s nearly no wrong posture on the Pivot, so it’s up to you to keep changing until you’re comfortable.

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Just follow these easy guidelines and you so know how…

1. Position Your Seat
The distance between your bottom and your Pivot seat will impact the seat angle. Getting to the perfect angle is a personal preference, but a good rule of thumb is to put the seat a few inches behind your feet when standing right in front of your desk.

2. Adjust the Height
As you lean onto the seat, raise it gradually until some of your body weight is applied to the seat. Too high? Pull the levers towards the seat and apply your body weight to lower the seat. Too low? Still holding the levers, release your body weight (the way you would a height-adjustable office chair.) The perfect seat height is up to you, but see below for tips on usage.

3. Sit, Lean, or In-Between
The Pivot allows for a range of postures, from active sitting (legs at a 90° angle), all the way up to the recommended Focal lean (hip-to-torso angle of 135°.)

And look through these pictures below about the GOOD posture…