Your office chair has serious Mogo envy. It wishes it could be half as clever as Mogo, what with its portability, versatility, and free-wheeling lifestyle.

Mogo is the simplest, most supportive portable leaning seat out there. Find yourself in need a break from standing? Just grab your Mogo, twist on the seat pan, deploy the pivoting leg post, and boom, you have a seat to get your ergonomic lean on. It’s seriously that simple.

Mogo works both indoors and out. It will support you on the sideline of the soccer field on a Saturday morning or relaxing on a warm summer evening at a music festival. Mogo is right at home in the conference room too, making impromptu collaboration sessions easier than ever. At just 1 kg, it is fully collapsible to fit into your tote bag or strap to your backpack.


The foot at the base of your Mogo seat is built for all types of surfaces. Use the floor mode for indoor or smooth surfaces, like wood, carpet, or concrete. Turn to turf mode when you’re outside on grass, dirt, or sand for extra grip.


  • Soft durometer rubber foot works on non-slip indoor surfaces.
  • Reinforced-fiberglass turf tip keeps you stabilized on grass, dirt and turf.
  • Multiple knotches for easy height adjustment.
  • Pivoting seat leg has an impressive range of motion, encouraging dynamic movement Non-slip, easy-to-clean contoured seat cushion reduces pressure points.
  • Compact, portable design.


Fully Retracted Length 46 cm
Fully Extended Length 96,5 cm
Seat Dimensions 10 x 20 cm
Weight 1 kg


If you’ve ever waited in a long line, stood for an entire kids’ soccer game, or tried to use a standing desk for 8 hours without taking a break, you know just how a Mogo could be useful.

Nicknamed the “human kickstand,” the Mogo is like a third limb that lets you rest your legs, support your back, but keep your tush off the ground or office chair. As our travel seat, the Mogo is unique in that it can be used anywhere.

We’ve seen it all – spectating sailing races, backpacking through Europe, as an office yoga accessory. Where will your Mogo take you?

With some quick and easy setup, you’ll be ready to lean on your next adventure.

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It’s so simple. Take the just 1 kg Mogo and begin by removing the Mogon adjustment foot…

1. Screw the Seat onto the Post
Line up the inner screw on the underside of the seat cushion with the hole inside the seat post. Screw the post on clockwise until just snug.

2. Extend the Seat Post
Push in the two brass buttons and pull the seat post out until the buttons click into place.

3. Adjust the Height
Push in the red button to release the height-adjustment lever. Pull the seat post out to the desired height notch. Make sure the red button clicks to signify sturdy assembly.

Then check also these drawings how to lean on your Mogo.