Mobis is an ergonomic task seat with attitude. Stripped of the conventional trappings of office chairs, Mobis’s minimalist design actually works with your body. Mobis offers the ideal level of healthy support for your body, keeping your spine in a neutral posture and your major muscles engaged. Crazy, right?

How does it work? Mobis won’t stand for slouching! It gently enforces good posture by returning your spine to its healthy S-curve. And, because the seat’s angled design encourages movement, both your body and your brain stay engaged. Mobis pairs perfectly with any standing desk or height-adjustable workstation.

It’s smart, space-saving design is also ideal for meeting spaces, encouraging spontaneous collaboration and aha moments.


  • Ellipse-shaped base with non-slip rim provides stability for active postures.
  • Pivoting seat leg encourages dynamic movement.
  • Easy-adjust handles to lift and lower the seat.
  • Non-slip, easy-to-clean contoured seat cushion reduces pressure points.
  • Built-in handle for easy portability.


Height 63,5 – 89 cm
Base Footprint  40,5 cm ellipse
Seat cushion 40 x 30 cm (hight in front 1,5 cm / back 3,5 cm)
Weight 12 kg


The Mobis may look similar to your neighbourhood bar stool, but this seat has quite a few tricks up its sleeve.

The Mobis is built to move with you, so as you lean to the left and right, you’ll feel the seat move, too. And that height-adjustment lever under the seat? It’s your new best friend. Whenever you feel the need to change positions, you can use the lever to make micro-adjustments.

Follow our instructions below for getting set up with your Mobis.

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Well… It’s also very, ou so very simple…

1. Position Your Seat
Position your seat about where you would place a bar stool – close enough to the table that you can reach things easily, but not so close that the table is digging into your stomach.

2. Adjust the Height
Lean into or perch on top of the seat cushion so the seat hits at the top of the back of your thigh, right under your bum. Using the levers on the side, you can adjust the seat height. Pushing your weight into the seat will decrease the height, whereas letting up on your weight will increase the height.

3. Adjust your Body
Rather than sitting on the Mobis seat, picture yourself using a tipped-forward bar stool. The seat will be angled underneath you, but whereas the barstool would feel unstable, the Mobis will stay where it is. This gives you the stability to stay upright, but the flexibility to move to the left, right, forward and back as you so please.

Once you’re squarely positioned on the seat pan, bend your knees slightly; then, shift your weight from side to side. You’ll find that as you move, the Mobis Seat’s seat pan and stem follow you, while the seat base stays put. The Mobis Seat is designed to offer the stability you need to remain upright, but the flexibility to move to the left, right, forward and back as you so please.

See also these pictures about the GOOD posture.