You do not have to be bored and uncomfortable. At the office neither. Or anywhere.

Focal Upright empowers you to break free from your sedentary lifestyle, embrace your humanity and add a little play into your day, as well.

The human body evolved to move throughout the day. The human mind evolved to be creative through play. It is about time your office environment evolved to meet the needs of the modern worker through better design and better tools.


Your office chair has serious Mogo envy. It wishes it could be half as clever as Mogo, what with its portability, versatility, and free-wheeling lifestyle.

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Mobis is an ergonomic task seat with attitude. Stripped of the conventional trappings of office chairs, Mobis’s minimalist design actually works with your body. Mobis offers the ideal level of healthy support for your body, keeping your spine in a neutral posture and your major muscles engaged. Crazy, right?

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Do you like to move it (move it)? Then it’s time you met Pivot, our most active leaning seat yet. The Pivot Seat is a minimalist task seat with serious ergo-sensibilities.

Unlike most chairs that feebly acquiesce as your posture deteriorates into a sluggish slump, the Pivot Seat keeps you active.

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